Choosing a Bedroom Wardrobe Design That Suits Your Needs

A walk in wardrobe really is an aspirational facet of interior design specifically when it’s one which are spacious, well fitted and kitted out with an innovative closet system. Walk in wardrobes don’t just offer a functional improvement to an ordinary bedroom, they’re an eye-catching feature which can change the whole look of the room. When selecting a wardrobe, it’s essential to understand how it fits into your bedroom and whether or not you’ll need to set up any features to aid storage. An oversized wardrobe in a small room may look good but it won’t be practical. It can also look awkward due to not having enough space to move around in. That’s why knowing exactly what you want before going shopping is crucial, as it will make your decision easier.

The type of wardrobe you choose depends on a few factors such as the amount of space available in your bedroom, whether or not you want to hide certain items such as children’s clothes or jewellery, how much you’re prepared to pay and how much customisation there is to it. Most people opt for either sliding doors or bifold doors, which are both easy to access and add a touch of class to an ordinary wardrobe. Sliding doors are perhaps more common in smaller rooms than larger ones, although bifold doors are great in any room as they enable you to store clothes side by side whilst leaving the door behind for easy access. They’re also perfect for saving space and avoiding clutter, so are definitely worth considering if you’re on a strict budget.

Bifold wardrobes are an excellent option because they not only look great in bedrooms but can be incorporated into a design scheme too. They can be bought as a complete unit with mirror and door panels, or you can choose to buy separate components such as the side panel or the over-door storage. These can then be put together to give a much more unified look, which suits most bedroom furniture designs. Alternatively, you can use them separately to give a unique style.

Built-in wardrobes have always been popular, but they’re becoming a little less common nowadays as manufacturers realise that people want more from their wardrobes. Instead of having a full size wardrobe attached to the wall, you can now get a sectioned wardrobe which means that you can tailor the layout of the wardrobe to suit what you need. You can have shelves and drawers incorporated into the design, which makes the whole unit much more versatile. Some designs also come with optional lighting, and of course, most of them can be custom made to suit your particular bedroom.

If you’re looking for a really different style, you could consider a freestanding wardrobe. These are far more unusual than other designs, and they’re designed to ‘fit’ the room instead of making it look odd. They’re often made from glass and metal and even come with a shelving unit, but most have no doors. Instead, the doors swing out, and they’re generally quite tall, so that you’ll have plenty of space to hang different types of clothing. Freestanding wardrobes are a great choice if you don’t want to restrict yourself by choosing a traditional two or three story wardrobe design.

One of the biggest factors when choosing a bedroom wardrobe design is obviously going to be how much space you actually have. Having a large amount of space means you can fit all your clothes in the closet, but sometimes this just isn’t enough. There are lots of great solutions to this problem. Some people choose to put some of their clothes into storage before they store their other clothes in the closet. Others opt to put wardrobes on the ends of their beds so that they can access their closet easily from either side.

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